Saturday, 18 May 2013

Weddings, Aberdeen and May happenings

Its the final week run up to my wedding, so time and energy to painting has been falling short, but bellow is a image of whats on the workshop "Easel" (Floor, my spare room isn't big enough.) Its quite a large painting, at least bigger than usual at about 80x50cm.
You can also still see my painting "The Calling" at Aberdeen Art Gallery as part of The Aberdeen Artists Societies Annual Show up until the end of the month.
REMEMBER: Paintings make lovely Wedding gifts to those who don't paint and my work has been gifted to many people on their wedding day in the past, an excellent gift, heirloom and investment for the future.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Aberdeen Artists Society Annual Exhibition 11th-29th May

So I got one of the 2 paintings i submitted to AAS accepted. You can see "The Calling" (Furthest from camera.) from Saturday the 11th til 29th of May. Framing done by Macdonald Framing, Candlemaker Row,  Edinburgh